The grand entrance of Madinaty with a boulevard leading to contemporary apartments, showcasing Egypt's modern urban landscape.

Madinaty: A Pinnacle of Modern Design and Community Living

Explore Madinaty, an 8000-acre marvel in New Cairo, crafted by top U.S. design firms. A city embodying modernity, sustainability, and community-centered living.

Who Designed Madinaty?

The masterful interior design of Madinaty is the result of collaboration between three renowned U.S. firms: HHCP, SWA, and Sasaki, ensuring a city that caters to the present and future needs of its residents and visitors.

Redefine Group's Expertise in Madinaty

Redefine Group, a leader in interior design and home maintenance, brings its expertise to Madinaty. Specializing in remodeling essential spaces and providing maintenance services like air conditioning repair, Redefine Group ensures functional and aesthetically pleasing homes.

Is Madinaty Just a Compound?

Far more than a simple compound, Madinaty is a self-sufficient city offering its residents everything from supermarkets to health care facilities, all within a community-centric design.


Madinaty stands as a testament to modern urban planning and design. With the additional services of Redefine Group, it promises not only a luxurious lifestyle but also a harmonious community living experience.


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