Interior Architecture: Crafting Modern Spaces

we merge the science of architecture with the art of interior design. Our interior architecture services sculpt spaces that are not just beautiful but smartly structured for living and working in Egypt's urban landscapes.

Our Interior Architecture Solutions

We cater to diverse needs:

  1. Modern Interior Architecture: Incorporating contemporary design with functional living spaces in cities like Madinaty and New Cairo City.

  2. Architecture and Interior Design Integration: Creating cohesive spaces where structural elements and design aesthetics meet, perfect for both homes and commercial spaces across Egypt.

  3. Interior Architecture Design: Detailing the interior framework of your space to ensure beauty and utility are in harmony, from the open spaces of Rehab City to the bustling neighborhoods of Al Shorouk City.
Modern interior architecture design featuring a lounge with sleek furniture, vertical gardens, and hanging lights.

Tailored for Every City

Whether it’s a commercial project in the heart of Cairo or a residential retreat in the suburbs, our approach to interior architecture is as diverse as the cities we serve.

Advanced Interior Architecture Techniques

We employ innovative methods and cutting-edge design tools to bring modern interior architecture to life, ensuring each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

A high-tech 3D design studio with advanced computer setups displaying 3D models, complemented by VR equipment and graphic tablets, indicative of a modern, innovative workspace.

Our Process

Listen. Quote. Create. It’s that simple at Redefine Group. We start by listening to your vision, then we give you a quote. If it feels right, we move forward together to bring your dream space to life.

Begin Your Project With Us

Connect with Redefine Group for a unique blend of architecture and interior design. Get a quote and let us craft an environment that’s the perfect backdrop for your life’s moments.


Get a Custom Quote for Your Space

Whether you're upgrading your home in Madinaty, opening a new cafe in New Cairo City, or planning a landscape in Al Shorouk City, contact us for a tailored quote.